Domina Mari

Bespoke Kink
& Domination

Seduction is an art.
I am both its master and muse.

Think of me as lifestyle consultant for those with taboo inclinations; A consigliere of kink for the modern masochist. Discreet and elegant, I provide unparalleled female dominance for discreet patrons and elegant bastards alike.

Redefining the art of seduction, I dominate with a sleek precision, leaving you mesmerized. I’ve a bit of sadistic streak but my sensual nature will make you feel at home, even when you’re on your toes. I particularly enjoy feminization/cross-dressing, impact play, domestic discipline, roleplay, ritual, needle play, foot fetishism and breath play.


Mari’s Modern Ritual

I like to unravel your secrets and find what makes you tick. I will uncover the real you, sans ego or pretense. Devoted to nothing but leather and the spirit of divine pleasure, I am both your devil and martyr. I expect you to devote yourself to me the same way I devote myself to the art of domination. Fully.



Slipping my perfectly manicured toes into a pair of Italian leather boots. The slapping sound of my wooden paddle stinging your cheeks. You, writhing around in bondage on a sheepskin rug. There are no other sounds that compare. I love those who are devoted to caring for me and my instruments. Those who properly worship me, who take the time to understand my fetishes, will be rewarded.



A sadist at heart, I crave your vulnerability. Allow me to size you up with my trained eye. Whatever journey you are seeking, you will establish intention and find your path. I provide a safe and discreet place for catharsis.



These violent delights have violent ends. Whether I’m restricting your breathing with a bag or sending shock waves coursing through your veins, there is intimacy pain. Your beautiful suffering is a work of art.



Escape into the diabolical fantasies I create. I design authentic scenarios, down to every last detail. I have a penchant for death fantasies, abductions, medical/therapy and domestic discipline scenes. I also train animals and furry creatures led astray.



With the charm of a girl next door or a stern governess, come into my boudoir, so I can dress you up just how I like it. From the sensual to the humiliating, you will be transformed. Aren’t you dying to serve in your beautiful new outfit?


Ready to Serve?

I am your medicine.
I will devour you and spit you back up. Let me attend to your restoration.



Learn what makes me tick.


The wise one seeks information prior to the pursuit. Find out about my expectations.



When you revere a goddess and her wisdom, you present offerings to her altar.


The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

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