Do you see couples and groups ?

Yes. A hedonist at heart, I take pleasure in a ménage à trois (or more), public or private group play and performances for the kinky voyeur.

I also recognize that some of my desires are not always a gentleman’s cup of tea, so I’d be delighted to invite my friends to fulfill a fantasy that would be of interest to them.

Please note that I do not switch or take on submissive roles.

Will you see people like me?

I do not discriminate against anyone who chooses to worship me. If you have any specific needs or accommodations you’d like to discuss prior to our session, indicate it in the submission form.

Can you do xyz?

Let it be noted that I am not a menu and you do not get to pick and choose the criteria of our session. Each session is bespoke to your needs and require careful planning. I prefer to focus on crafting authentic moments rather than scripted ones.

Rest assured, your interests are taken into consideration and I will work within your boundaries. To view my interests and skills, click here.

Do you take special requests?

No reasonable request for certain activities to be included will go unconsidered. Although every session is tailored to your preferences, If your fetish requires specialty equipment or falls outside of my area of expertise, it may require some time, training and additional fees to realize.

Special requests are to be made at least 1-2 weeks in advance of our appointment (see my booking policy). If you have a specific clothing, toy or furniture request that currently falls outside of the scope of my wardrobe, purchase and shipment can be made to ensure a timely arrival for our time together.

May I write a review of our session?

You will be permitted to chat openly and casually after the session through text or email. Feedback is incredibly important to me and I encourage you to use the time we have together to speak to me one on one about your experience.

I'd appreciate if you would give me a heads up before you post a review of our time together, as I may decide to feature it on my website. I prefer my reviews how I prefer my men: tasteful and discreet.

Can I make a same-day appointment?

No. Book 48 hours in advance. For play sessions requiring specialized equipment that must be ordered ahead of time, please book 3-5 days in advance.

How come you didn't answer my email?

I usually answer requests within 48 hours.

I don't just share my time with anyone. I look for those who’ve gone the extra mile to capture my attention, who include screening information unprompted and who respect my time and attention. I especially appreciate when you outline your interests and desires with detail.

If your email goes unanswered, it's probably because you neglected to do these things. Try sending an follow up email in a few months to see if I'll accept you.

Do you offer reduced rates?

Absolutely not. My rates are non-negotiable. To try to negotiate my tribute is a sign of grave disrespect and I am unlikely to respond further.

Domina, I'm in need of a Reference!

If we've had an appointment within the last 6 months, I'd be happy to provide you with a reference. Simply email me when you intend to list me as your reference and I'll keep an eye on my inbox.

What if I can't send a deposit?

Then we will not be meeting. Only those who prove themselves worthy of my time will be rewarded with my presence.