Birthday Month - Packages

July is my favourite month of the year. Can you guess why?

All packages are day-long (or night) adventures (6-12 hours).

Domina Mari x The CLUB - Set 2 (5 of 36).jpg


Would you prefer to be restrained in a corner and left to watch? Or would you rather be used on set at my personal prop? Take part in my creative process.

$800 - Includes a one hour session and private photo shoot with my photographer, as well as a collection of private photos for your eyes only.


Call the Butler

I work a little too hard if you ask me. Helping me to relax is the greatest gift of service you could provide to your dominant. Accompany me as my personal concierge and attend to my needs.

$1,000 - Includes a two hour session, followed by a spa date at Bota Bota and dinner.



Take me out to Cirque du Soleil's old port show and be thankful I'm not making you do all those tricks. You're my sideshow clown and I'll have you on the edge of your seat.

$1,600 - Includes a two hour session, followed by a dinner and ringside seats to Alegria.